Headquartered on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland (yes – no one ever seems to feel sorry for us!) and with a distributed workforce in Australia, New Zealand & the Philippines, we are a growing group of ex-recruiters, software developers & support staff who are busy building the best end to end recruitment software in the world today.


Following what we thought was an astronomical quote from a recruitment industry software provider (you know who you are!) – RecruitOnline initially started life as an in-house solution for Australian & New Zealand recruitment businesses.

The initial development specification for the system was to ensure it encompassed all of the recruitment agency business processes and made things as efficient as possible. It also needed to embrace the philosophy of;

“If it is not in the database it didn’t happen”

…but to make it as simple as possible for people to do their jobs and not be held back in having to update the system.

This philosophy extends to functionality such as automatic email importing (i.e. people using their normal email such as outlook, phone etc and the emails/attachments automatically stored in RecruitOnline), KPI reporting, online ordering etc.

From the get go, RecruitOnline has been a Cloud Based system and it has never made sense to us that anyone would want to actually run client-server installed products – in any industry but particularly in recruitment where it is important to be as nimble and cost effective as possible. Beyond the additional expense of running client-server systems it is our experience that being such old technology it is nearly impossible to get them to integrate with more modern (cloud based) systems.

Another Philosophy of ours that stems from our time as Agency owners is that we couldn’t ever imagine ourselves liking a Recruitment CRM system that only did part of the job. So it always surprises us when we see some competitor systems and they need to have “addons”, “plug ins” & “marketplace apps” to do things that (in our opinion) should already be part of the system.

For example, within RecruitOnline you can do the following without needing to invest in a marketplace app;

  • Post Jobs to 3rd Party websites & social Media (eg Seek, Trademe, Indeed, Facebook pages, LinkedIn posts etc)
  • Post Jobs to your website
  • Create custom forms which also have electronic signatures/signing built in
  • Online Registration process (ie completely customisable)
  • Create and send Email Newsletters and built in tracking reports
  • Client & Candidate Portals
  • Calculate Charge Rates and create Quotes
  • Host and maintain your website
  • Online Timesheets
  • Capture referee details and send referees Online Reference Check forms (including signatures)
  • Build your own custom reports
  • Email & SMS/Text from RecruitOnline