April 2019 Update

New Custom Forms builder – with Electronic Signatures

We have always had Custom Forms in RecruitOnline but historically, we have produced them on behalf of clients rather than give clients access to easily build them themselves. While we still will build them for clients, they are now much more straightforward to create and can be used in just about anyway you would wish – for example you could create;

  • Client prospecting form to use in ROL
  • OH&S Incident Report form to use on the Client Portal
  • An onboarding process for registering a candidate

In addition to making the form much easier to create we have also added in the ability to put signatures into a form. This then can be used in signing a form that is then saved as a PDF – all from your RecruitOnline System and avoiding the need (and the significant cost) to use a third party signing service.

RecruitOnline - Custom Forms with Electronic Signatures

If you would like to see a video of an example custom form in action on a mobile device (eg an OH&S incident report) – click here.

Recruiter Updated

With ongoing development to add in additional reporting options for the Recruiter function in ROL we have made some changes to the way that Workflows are used and reported on in the system. Along with that we have updated some of the forms (Job Advert & Job Brief) as part of a larger project we are working on.

RecruitOnline - Recruiter Main.png

Client Codes on Sites

Client sites have existed for some time now and are a great way to keep temporary type sites (ie ones that would not need a distinct company record) against a company record. Use cases have traditionally been a construction company having project sites or a healthcare facility that has a number of wards etc.

We have added in the ability to set a client code (PinvoiceR billing location) against a client site – this way when a site is used in a booking the client code used will be sourced from that site (if set).

Training Register

To assist in delivering both RecruitOnline & PinvoiceR training delivery we have created the Training Register in RecruitOnline. This system is also built so that you can use it to add in your very own training modules (eg Policies/Procedures) and have a way of applying them to your staff members.

When you have applied one or more training modules to a ROL user, then when they logon they are notified in ROL that they have training to complete. You can also report on what training has been done (or not) and the outcomes of that training.

RecruitOnline - Training Register

While we have added a whole range of ROL Training modules in each system, we will leave it to clients specifically assign them to staff members.