Bubble brings Opportunities

Bubble to bring Trans Tasman

Recruitment Industry opportunities

All being well (with well being the operative word), the Australia and New Zealand Travel Bubble will start from 19th April 2021. 

While there will likely be a lot of people wanting to travel for family and holiday reasons, it is also very likely that the Recruitment Industry (in both Australia & New Zealand) will be eagerly anticipating the travel bubble.

For both countries, there is currently strong demand for a wide range of occupations and recruiters report that it is becoming increasingly difficult to find candidates to fill roles. This is naturally going to lead many Recruiters and Agency owners to look at the travel bubble as the perfect opportunity to widen their net and seek candidates from across the Tasman.

Another factor that is likely to play out is that, after a year of being restricted to their domestic markets, many Agency owners are considering to permanently expand their business across the Tasman.

In commenting on the travel bubble, RecruitOnline & PinvoiceR Co-Founder Declan Rowan said “Being one of the few end-to-end system providers operating in both countries, in recent weeks some of our clients have said that they are actively looking across the ditch to either open new offices or acquire existing agencies”

Systems will be an important consideration when looking to either recruit from Australia to New Zealand (and vice versa) or setting up new operations. Agencies will already have existing recruitment processes (such as posting/managing job adverts & applications on job boards) and downstream payroll and invoicing needs and it will be important to have these work effectively with their new Trans Tasman recruitment opportunities.

In considering these challenges Declan Rowan commented “We are used to dealing with clients who operate across both NZ & AU and in doing so they have one common front end system (RecruitOnline) linked to 2 separate payroll/invoicing  systems (PinvoiceR). With this structure in place it makes it much easier for the owners/managers to have oversight across the whole business and yet let the local teams focus on their markets”

While It is fair to say that there are likely to be a few bumps along the way, with the potential for outbreaks affecting travel, it does seem that both the Australian and NZ recruitment markets are poised for further growth when the travel bubble starts.