Coronavirus - JobKeeper payment



The Australian Government has announced a JobKeeper payment for all Australian businesses that have been significantly affected by COVID-19


Details of the payment announced are;


  • Flat Rate payment of $1500 a fortnight per employee - paid to the employer, to be passed on to employees in full
  • Employers are able to top up the payment
  • Applies to all businesses and not-for-profit organisations where they have experienced a downturn in revenue of 30% or more
  • JobKeeper payments should commence from 1st May and be backdated to 1st March 2020 - with payments being administered by the ATO
  • Payments will apply to full-time workers, part-time employees, sole traders and casual workers (if they have been with a business for more than 12 months)
  • It is up to the employer if they wish to pay the superannuation guarantee levy on the JobKeeper payment
  • Eligible employees include Australian residents, New Zealand citizens in Australia who hold a subclass 444 special category visa, and migrants who are eligible for JobSeeker Payment or Youth Allowance (Other)

To see further details and register for JobKeeper updates see the ATO JobKeeper website.

A link to the ATO JobKeeper Factsheet for Employers is here.