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Your Files page shows a list of files that have been uploaded to your profile.

My Document List

Files will be listed with their:

  • Description
  • Date saved
  • Size of file

To open a file, click the 'View' link at the beginning of the row.

Upload A New File

You can upload new files to your Files list at any stage, such as, certificates, awards, references, police clearances, etc.

  • Click the Browse button to locate the file on your PC
  • Choose the type of file it is from the drop-down menu
  • Click 'Upload this File' to upload it to your Files list
  • It will be saved instantly to your profile and a copy of the file will also be emailed to your Recruiter

How do I Delete a File?

Due to legacy reasons, files cannot be deleted via the Candidate interface. Files are rarely removed from your profile on the database - they remain on your profile as a record history.

When you submit a new file or resume, the Recruiters will always view the most recently uploaded file/resume.

If you insist on having a file removed, please contact your Recruiter who has access to your profile and may remove the file for you at their discretion.

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