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The Skills screen shows the skills, abilities, position required keyword information for you that we have on file.

You can update and edit each section as many times as you like, as you change your preferences or acquire new skills.

There may be many keyword lists or only one keyword list you can access to update. These lists could be Skills, Positions Sought, etc.

The more keywords you choose in each section, the better your chances are of appearing in report results when consultants conduct candidate searches through the database.

How to Edit your Skills

Click on one of the keyword list links on the page.

On the next screen, 2 boxes will appear (scroll down further if you cannot see them)

  • One box will hold the Available keywords to choose from
  • The other box will hold the Current keywords that you already have on your profile.
  • Use the Add and Remove arrow buttons to add and remove entries to and from your "Current Entries"
    • You can add/remove multiple keywords at once by holding the Ctrl button down & selecting them. Then click the Add or Remove button.

To Add:

  • Click an entry on the Available Entries box
  • Click the button marked: ADD

To Remove:

  • Click an entry on the Current Entries box
  • Click the button marked: REMOVE

Don't forget to click "Save Changes" once you have made your selections!!

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