Activate Daily Booking Orders on the Client Portal

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Orders vs Bookings

The default setting for each client is to be able to view and add normal temp orders via the Client Interface.

However, some Clients (eg Health / Aged Care) will need to have access to view & add Daily Bookings instead.

The way this works is:

  • Daily Bookings is switched off (default setting) -> The client can only add temp orders and not daily bookings
  • Daily Bookings is switched on -> The client can only add daily bookings and not temp orders

If you have a client who needs to be able to add both types of orders, then you will need to set up a separate record in ROL for the Client to manage these bookings.

How To

  • Click on the Contact person in ROL
  • Click on "PayROL Permissions" button
  • Under the heading "Add Division for Client Interface Daily Booking Function:"
  • Select from the drop-down menu which division the client needs to add Daily Bookings for
    • NOTE: Only one division can be selected.
  • Click "Save"

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