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Adding a pay begins by clicking "Add pay" from the home screen:

  • Search for candidate by either employee number or first or last name.
  • Select the employee you wish to pay from the list and click "Select employee". The employee's details will now be brought up on the screen.
  • Select the correct period ending date and pay period length
  • Then select the Pay Code by either entering the number and click 'Search', or by viewing the list of Pay Codes by clicking "Select pay code from list"

Add pay1.png

  • Select the Pay Code from the client list or system (global) list
  • Select location/division from the top drop down menu (if applicable)
  • Enter hours as required
  • Click "save transaction" at completion
  • You will then be returned to the search candidate screen - you should see a message in blue at the top stating "Transaction Inserted"

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