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One of the best benefits of Recruit Online's powerful document searching is the ability to use aggregated text searches to flag candidates who would not rate so highly in single searches.

Search criteria:
Accounts MYOB Data Entry
Search criteria:
Accounts Payable Clerk
Search criteria:
"Accounts Payable" "Data Entry"
Search criteria:
+"Accounts Payable" "Data Entry" +MYOB
6,459 Hits 11,567 Hits 4,032 Hits 632 Hits

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Each result set is saved independently

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User reviews results aggregated across all searches

In the following table:

  • There are 4 example candidates
  • Six searches we performed using four text terms each time
    • "Clerk data entry accounting"
    • "Accounts payable MYOB banking"
    • Etc...
  • The six searches are represented by each of the six columns
  • Each number represents how many 'hits' that candidate scored within that search

Search 1 -
# of Hits
Search 2 -
# of Hits
Search 3 -
# of Hits
Search 4 -
# of Hits
Search 5 -
# of Hits
Search 6 -
# of Hits
# Hits

Notice how Helen:

  • Never has the most hits in any particular search
  • Has the highest score (12) overall

This is a clear example of how a single search can lead to over looking suitable candidates but more importantly how using aggregated searches can ensure that you are getting the maximum value of the database.

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