Assign Candidate Login Details

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To be able to access the Online Website, candidate's must have access to the internet. An email address is not mandatory.

Via Online Application

When a candidate applies for a job via the website, they are automatically assigned a username and password and if they have specified an email address, they are sent a confirmation email with these details.

Via RecruitOnline

If a candidate has not applied online and needs login details you can do this manually through RecruitOnline.

  • Go into the Candidate's record
  • Click 'Edit' from the left-hand navigation menu and select 'Personal Details'

Assign password 1.png

  • Scroll down the page. If they have an existing Username & Password, this will be situated at the bottom.
  • If they do not have an existing Username & Password, click the 'Edit Logon Details' link

Assign password 2.png

  • On the next screen, click on the 'Create Log On' button - the system will automatically generate a username for the candidate (either their email address or a combination of their first name & last name) and a unique generic password.

Assign password 3.png

  • If the candidate has an email address, you can also email them these details by clicking the 'Email Details to Candidate' button.