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Award Engine

The Award Engine is a component of RecruitOnline that translates online time sheets to data that can be used in a payroll system. In some cases the translation process is fairly simple. For example every hour worked is "Normal Hours" so the data that is converted just includes a calculation of start finish and breaks. In many cases however there are different rates of pay or shift allowance depending on the start time, finish time duration and day of the week that the shift occurs on.

Basic Concepts

Awards & Agreements and Employment Contracts

Anyone who is employed has an agreement or contract that covers what they will be paid in relation to what work they undertake. In many industries there are set rates of pay (for example the Modern Award system in Australia) that are also augmented by Agreements. In each case these are instruments that can be used as the basis for pay and conditions that employment contracts are bound to.

Each one of these will cover levels of duties and rates of pay. The rates of pay are individual to the level and while most will have common allowances and conditions there may be other parts of the Award or agreement that also differ and/or may only be applied if certain duties/events trigger (such as working more than 9 hours triggers the entitlement for a meal allowance).

Time Zones

Time zones are the specifications in the system for the start and finish times for shifts. Many Awards and Agreements reference the same or similar start and finish boundaries. In addition many workplaces only work set hours so despite being covered by different Awards or Agreements the actual set up of the time zones are identical.

As a convenience measure the system allows you to specify time zones independently and apply them to "Rule Groups" when ever you need them.

Rule Groups

These are analogous to Awards & Agreements but also could apply to sites or workplaces. It could be that one particular site has a site agreement under the Award that allows for a different spread of ours before the Award conditions are engaged. Rule Groups can be identified as being labelled with an Award or Agreement (or none at all). Rule Groups in simple terms are a group of jobs that all have the same time zone parameters.


These are analogous to jobs or groups of jobs. This is where the detailed breakdown of the hours into component parts is specified. The system will allow you to to take these rules and apply them to and job (or booking) that you require. Any online time sheet processed with a booking linked to a rule will be broken down according to the information that is contained within it. These must be translated to the payroll system's pay code items as a further step. (This further step is done automatically within the ROL+PayROL system)

Component Diagram


Set Up

Common Mistakes & Pitfalls

Time Zones

  • Incorrect time zones can effect the processing of every time sheet in one or many rule groups
  • Incomplete time zones can produce errors where people work long or unexpected shifts

Missing Rules Items

  • If a person works on a Saturday but there is no rule item specifying this the system will generate an error

The Pay Code/Charge Schedule Not Linked to a Rule Set

  • If the booking is for a Pay Code/Charge Schedule that is not linked to a Rules Set then the system will generate an error as it will not know what rules to apply

Missing Pay Code Items

  • If a person works on a Saturday but there is no Pay Code Item specifying this the system will generate an error

Step By Step Instructions

Add a Time Zone

Timezone setup.png

Time Zone Form

Timezone setup form.png

Add A Rule Group

Add rule group.png

Add A Rule Group Form

Add rule group popup.png

Add A Job

Add job rule.png

Add A Job Form

Add job rule form.png

Add A Job Item

Add job item.png

Add A Job Item

  • This is where you build up each of your shift parameters and hours of work specific to your site's needs
  • You will need to repeat this process a few times for most job rules

Add job item form.png

Add Allowances To Job

Add job allowance.png

Allowances Form

Add job allowance form.png