Award Interpreter

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Award Interpreter

payROL and RecruitOnline support the interpretation of Australian awards. These require the uploading of data files that contain sufficient information to calculate and pay employees.

The data file is a CSV format but can be named with any extension. (Creating CSV files from spreadsheets is trivial).

Minimum Requirements

The minimum information required is:

  • Employee ID
  • Booking ID
  • Employee Name
  • Client ID
  • Shift Date
  • Start Time
  • Finish Time
  • Breaks

This is typically the information provided by health and hospitality systems.

Important Notes

With the dependence on the minimum fields there is a requirement that charges, billing groups and employee pay levels are set up *before* uploading the data files.

The process searches for the following information for each row:

  • Employee ID -> Employee Pay Level (eg: PCA1)
  • Client ID -> Billing Group (eg: QLD)

The hours are calculated and the shift identified:

  • "Monday 3PM -> 10PM" -> Afternoon shift (eg: PM)

Naming the Pay Code Item

The system will identify the Pay Code Item as:


Customer Viewable Labels

To make the invoices & reports appear visually pleasing the system will use the "Description" field to identify the row.

In our made up example we suggest that the following names would be appropriate:

  • Pay Code . Name : PCA Level 1
  • Pay Code Item . Name : PM Shift
It is *very* important to make sure that whatever naming conventions that you elect to use are consistent and maintained.