Batch Processing

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Before a batch is processed, several checks are performed to ensure that the batch is posted correctly.

  • Banking details:
Banking details are checked to avoid errors being generated when the bank disk is created.

  • Employee date of birth:
Each employees date of birth field is checked for a valid date, this is the used to determine whether or not superannuation is to be paid (e.g. not paying superannuation to employees under the age of 18 years).
By default all employees are paid superannution at the current rate if the config value (minSuperAge) is not set. Should you wish to make use of this feature please contact RecruitOnline Support and we will gladly assist in setting this up.

If errors are detected during the pre-processing check they are presented on screen and the posting of the batch is halted. Proceesing can only be completed once these errors have been corected.