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The Bookings function in RecruitOnline is a multi use system and designed for both Normal Bookings and Daily Bookings.

There are a series of training videos that cover the various aspects of Bookings in RecruitOnline - they can be found here.

How to Use

From the Top Toolbar click on Jobs and then the Bookings link or click on the Bookings Report icon

Bookings System.png

Choose Report Columns & Report Preferences

An important part of the Booking system is setting up the columns/setting that you wish to use for the system. To select the ones that you wish to have - in the Bookings Report Toolbar click on the Choose Report Columns button (far right of toolbar);

Bookings choose columns.png

Report Columns

Note: the more you select the less that will fit on the page so best to choose the ones needed for your use case.

Report Preferences

Here you can select the following defaults for your logon;

  • Booking Status
  • Booking Type
  • Sort Order
  • Division(s)
  • Booking Report Starts On

When you have made your selection click the Save Preferences button.

Bookings Report Settings.png

View/Hide Bookings Report

If you wish to just see the screen without all of the filter options click on the V button in the bookings report toolbar.

View Hide Bookings Report.png

Add a Booking

You can add a booking by clicking on the + in the Bookings Report toolbar.

A Booking Modal will popup - Select the following;

  • Client Name
  • Division
  • Booking Type (Normal or Daily Booking)

Click on the Next>> button.

Adding a Normal Booking

This option will take you to the Add Booking process.

Adding a Daily Booking

This option will take you to the Add DBS Booking process.

Replicate a Booking

In many instances you may wish to forward book daily shifts/bookings - eg a healthcare worker assigned to a patient on a regular basis. The Replicate Booking function makes this process straight forward.

Once you have added a booking (whether you have filled it or not) click on the job title in the bookings screen;

Edit A booking.png

From here you are shown the booking information - click on the Replicate Booking button. You are then given a calendar from today's date, simply click on the check boxes for the day(s) that you wish to replicate the booking to an then click the Save Bookings button.

Replicate a booking.png

Linking Documents to a Booking

In some instances, it is useful to be able to link a document to a booking - ie in cases where the temp needs to be provided with some specific information (outside of RecruitOnline) for that booking.

To do this, once you have created the booking, click on the job title in the bookings screen and then click on the Linked Documents button. Then enter the description of the document, browse to the file, set Link with Candidate (yes/no) and click on the upload button.

Linked Booking Documents.png

Email a booking document

If you wish to send the booking document(s) to a temp then click on the Send Download Links button to send.

By linking a documents with a candidate you be giving them access to download it during their assignment when the order status is Filled or In Progress

Email booking documents.png

Filling a Booking

Once you have added a booking, simply click on the person icon to bring up the fill booking modal.

Fill Booking.png

Fill Booking Modal

The fill booking modal is used to combine a number of areas of search functionality in RecruitOnline when filling a booking;

Fill Booking Modal.png

There are a number of sections/options of the booking modal;

  • Availability (Yes or No) - if yes is selected, this is used to search for people who are available for that booking's shift (Day, Afternoon or Night)
  • Show Non-compliant (Yes or No) - if this is selected, it will only show people who are compliant for the booking - ie when a job profile is being used that requires certain candidate compliances.
  • Job Profile & Keywords - this is a search option that allows you to select previously defined Job Profiles in order to quickly search for candidates
  • Keywords - this is a search option that allows you to select one or more Keywords in order to quickly search for candidates
  • Job Type - this is a search option that allows you to quickly search for candidates that have previously been placed in bookings with the same Job Type name
  • Cache - this is a search option that allows you to quickly search for candidates you have already looked at in your logon session
  • Quick List -These candidates have indicated they are available for this booking and have been placed in a similar job
  • Search first & last names - enter the first and/or last name and click Search >> button

Using XXBOOKING_LINKXX to fill bookings online

Once you have found one or more candidates through the Fill Booking Modal you can use the Message Selected Candidates >> button to bring up the messaging modal. Here you can either free type a message or use a previously set up Email Template to message the candidates about the booking. If you use the XXBOOKING_LINKXX value in the message the recipients will be able to accept or reject the shift booking.

Accept Online Bookings.png

When the message has been sent, the recipients just need to click on the link to see more information about the shift. Here they can accept or reject the shift. If the shift has already been filled by the time they go to accept it then they are shown a message saying that the shift is no longer available.

When a shift is accepted, the consultant who sent the message is notified and also the Confirmed Candidate column (if selected in column view) is marked as yes and is in green.

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