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The Bookings function in RecruitOnline is a multi use system and designed for both Normal Bookings and Daily Bookings.

How to Use

From the Top Toolbar click on Jobs and then the Bookings link.

ROL Bookings.png

Choose Report Columns

When using the Bookings page you have many column options that are available in the report. To select the ones that you wish to have - in the Bookings Report Toolbar click on the Choose Report Columns button (far right of toolbar);

Note: the more you select the less that will fit on the page so best to choose the ones needed for your use case.

When you have made your selection click the Save Preferences button.

ROL Bookings Choose Columns.png

Add a Booking

You can add a booking by clicking on the + in the Bookings Report toolbar.

A Booking Modal will popup - Select the following;

  • Client Name
  • Division
  • Booking Type (Normal or Daily Booking)

Click on the Next>> button.

Adding a Normal Booking

This option will take you to the Add Booking process.

Adding a Daily Booking

This option will take you to the Add DBS Booking process.

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