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After conducting a Text Search or Assisted Search, above the candidate results list a button titled Browse Documents will appear. This button takes the user to a screen where the documents belonging to the candidates' in the results list will appear and can be screened from one central spot, instead of having to go through each candidates' record individually.

Browse Files

The document/file appears in this screen in plain text. The criteria used to conduct the text search will be highlighted in red font within the text file.

Move down the list of candidates' by clicking each one as you go along. A summary of the candidate name, address & file type appears on each list record. The list can be made longer or shorter by clicking the Zoom in.png and Zoom out.png icons at the top.

Users can download the file directly to their computer by clicking the 'Download' button along the top.

Add Candidate to Library

To add a candidate to your Library, click the paperclip icon Attach.png

Delete from Library

To remove from your Library, click the delete icon Cross.png

View Candidate from Browsing Screen

Go directly to the candidate's record from viewing their file by clicking the 'Candidate' button along the top.

Remove from Browsing Screen

To remove a candidate from the list, click the Delete button along the top.