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This screen provides details on the Candidates' job application history.

A list of all the jobs that the candidate has been referred/applied to will be listed here with:

  • Client Name
  • Job Title
  • Date Applied
  • Screen Status

View the Job

  • Click on the Job Title link to go to Recruiter to view the job

View the Client

  • Click on the Client Name link to go to the Client record

Change the Screen Status

The screen status of a candidate can be changed on this screen, the same way as you would in the Recruiter screen (see Recruiter: Applicants).

The user can choose to select from multiple screen status for their candidate once they have reviewed the candidates' suitability for the job applied for.

The types of screen status are:

  • Placed
  • Interview Client
  • Referred Client
  • Interview Us
  • Shortlisted
  • Possibly Suitable, and
  • Not screened
  • Not Suitable
  • Withdrawn
  • No Show
  • No Resume
  • Already Registered - Gen Reg (General Registration)
  • Registration Only

This helps the user keep track of those applications that have been reviewed and those that haven't, those that are suitable and those that are not.

To change a candidates' screen status, select the status from the drop-down menu and click the 'Go' button. Don't forget to click this GO button otherwise your changes will not save!

Make Unsuccessful

This section is where the user can send an Unsuccessful email to the candidate, or enter an Unsuccessful note for the position applied for.

  • Find candidate record that you wish to make unsuccessful
  • In the menu bar on the left side of the screen click on "applications'
  • List of the current jobs that the candidate has applied for will be displayed
  • The candidate will have a screen status that you have previously set eg "Not Suitable" underneath is a list as follows -
    • Do Nothing -- as it says this option will do nothing - it is put in pace as a safety measure in case you mistakenly click go before selecting an option - this stops you sending your 'star" candidate an unsuccessful letter!
    • Email - Choosing this option sends the candidate an unsuccessful email
    • Note - Choose this option to make a note where the candidate has been previously advised that they are unsuccessful, for example by phone or face to face
    • Forward - This option will forward the candidates application to a specified email address, typically an Administration address in your company, this is used in the instance that the candiates application was received in hard copy and you wish to respond via the same method - eg send an unsuccessful written letter by post.
  • Click on Go after your chosen option to save the process

Bulk/ on mass Unsuccessful emails

  • Unsuccessful emails can also be sent to a large amount of candidates at once, for example after you have filled the job and you wish to advise all of the unsuccessful candidates at once
  • Select the recruiter job from the company record
* From the menu on the right hand side select "Send Unsuccessful"
  • A list of all candidates is shown
  • Select the candidate or candidates from the list that you wish to make as unsuccessful by checking the box on the right next to each record
  • Click "advise the selected candidates" and all selected candidates will be sent an unsuccessful email

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