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The candidate record Main screen shows:

  • An overview of the Candidate's details
  • Candidate's Do not send back to List
  • Candidate's Keywords
  • Candidate's Availability
  • Candidate's Sticky Note


The details will appear on this page, along with the Candidate's Photo (if they have chosen to provide/upload one)

Candidate Maint.png

Along with info such as:

  • Address
  • Email
  • Candidate Status
  • Interviewed
  • Reference Checked
  • Next Available Date


These are skills and other attributes pertaining to the Candidate. If any Keywords appear in this section, these are keywords that have been set by either the candidate or other users, relating to a particular Candidate.

All users have the ability to update/edit/add Keywords to a Candidate record.


Keywords are an important part of records within ROL.

They are used widely throughout ROL, predominately for creating reports of records with the same keywords (ie for bulk sending messages/emails to a list of candidates).


Users can set the candidates' next available date here.

  • Choose the date from the date selector
  • Click 'Save Date' to save changes
    • To quick-set today's date as their available date, click the right-menu button 'Available Today'

Next Available Date.png

Sticky Note

Additional important information can be entered here under the 'sticky note' so at first glance, a user can see vital information relating to this candidate.

Sticky Note.png

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