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Do Not Send To List

If a candidate has been marked as 'DNS' (Do Not Send) for a client, the client will appear on this page a candidate may also request not to be sent back to a particular site for some reason, this procedure is used to note this

  • Add a client to this candidates' 'do not send to' list by selecting the candidate record
  • Select "No send to" from the right hand side menu
  • A drop down menu will appear with a list of clients that this candidate has worked for
  • select the company and click 'Add do not send to"
  • You can also just select a client site (If a site is selected then the candidate can still be placed at the client. If a client is selected then they cannot be placed at the client or any of it's sites)
  • The company name will then be displayed on the candidates main page

ROL DNS Candidate Entry.png