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For customers using both RecruitOnline & PinvoiceR the process of onboarding a new employee (for payroll purposes) is entirely online and paperless. The set up of the steps, menus and messages is all undertaken in PinvoiceR but the process of triggering the onboarding request (and the creation of the employee record in PinvoiceR) starts in RecruitOnline.

How to Use

From the Candidate's record, click on the Edit Tab and select PinvoiceR Onboarding.

Note: The candidate will need to have both a mobile/cell phone number and an email address.

ROL PinvoiceR Employee Onboarding.PNG

From there, scroll down to the bottom of the screen and set the following;

  • Division
  • Contractor - this only applies if the person is not going to be a PAYG employee (ie they are an independent contractor)
  • Start Date

Click Set Up Onboarding >> button.

ROL Send Employee Onboarding.png

From there, the candidate is sent an email requesting them to complete the payroll onboarding process on your Candidate Portal. As part of the process the person needs two factor authentication - the first being their username and password to logon to their Candidate Portal and the second is a PIN Code that is sent to their mobile and they need to enter to commence the payroll onboarding. The PIN is sent when they go to the page and is valid for a certain amount of time. If they need to get another PIN then they can request that on the screen.

PinvoiceR Onboarding2.PNG

Once the candidate has logged in they are able to complete each of the required payroll onboarding steps - they are also able to skip a step or save and come back to the process at a later time.

PinvoiceR TFN Declaration.PNG

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