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Setting a Candidate's availability is an important part of managing your candidate database.

Noting that RecruitOnline is used by all sorts of types of agencies - it is important that you understand the various ways that you can use the system to best suit your business.

How to Use

Set a Candidate's Permanent Shift Availability

In many instances, a candidate is available for certain shifts on an on-going basis - for example someone may say that they are available for Day Shift on Mon to Fri and Afternoon Shift on Sat & Sun etc.

To set this "Permanent Shift Availability" go to the Candidate's record and click on the Casual Management & Shifts - Permanent links.

ROL Shifts - Permanent.png

It is worth noting that Shifts (Day, Afternoon, Night) are subjective terms and should be used by your agency to imply particular times of the day that are relevant to your business. Also, Candidates have the ability to set their permanent shift availability in their Candidate Portal.

Shift Availability Report

To see a candidate's availability for the next 30 days - click from their record, click on the Casual Management & Shifts links.

ROL Shift Availability.png

From this report you can see the following;

  • Set a Permanent Availability Note - ie you may want a note that is visible to all users about a candidate's availability
  • Set an Agency note against a specific day - eg you know that on a certain day a candidate has another appointment (note shows user id of the agency staff that made the note - hover over to see)
  • Set a Candidate not against a specific day - ie the candidate can make a note against a specific day through their Candidate Portal
  • See what Bookings someone is already booked for

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