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What are they?

They are flyers that are created from candidate profiles stored within RecruitOnline. They have a template which contains a header section, details of the candidates and a footer section.

  • Contact us to have a template installed specific to your company's branding

Why would I use them?

Candidate flyers (when sent out to the right Contacts):

  • Provide evidence of the capabilities of your organisation
  • Provide passive contact with your Contacts
  • Create a sense of urgency that can lead to a placement
  • Potentially lead to new business as a candidate may be suitable for a type of job you were not aware of with the client

How do I use them?

The basic process:

Create The Flyer

Advanced -> General -> Candidate Flyer Manager

Create a new flyer:

"Star Accountants Looking for contracts"

Edit the header & footer to suit your message.

Add Candidates To It

  • Locate a candidate
Candidate -> Edit -> Profile


This is the title that will appear above the profile.

Experienced Accountant looking for 6-12 month contract

Long Text

This is the details of the candidate profile

This candidate has over 30 years commercial experience in manufacturing and
other industries. They are available now so please make sure that you contact us 
urgently if you have a suitable vacancy.

This candidate is looking for $95k for a 12 month contract.

The short text is not used at the current time. The notes are used for the consultant's benefit only.

Important Note

RecruitOnline in some configurations will write a profile for you. It is incumbent on you to make sure that the profiles against you candidates are an accurate representation of how you would like to promote them. The profiles are there to give you a starting point to write your own.

Export it as a Newsletter

This simply merges the header, candidate profiles and footer into a Newsletter.

From here you will have to add recipients and approve the send queue via the Newsletter Manager. The server will then (and only then) begin to send out the newsletters.