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Every candidate has a separate, unique Username and Password to log on to their online candidate Portal profile. These are created automatically when a Candidate applies to a job you have advertised online.

Issuing / Editing Candidate Log on Details via ROL

  • In the candidate's ROL record, click the link titled 'Edit Logon'
  • If the candidate already has a Username and Password assigned, this will appear here.
  • If the candidate does not already have any log on details, click the button 'Create Log On' which will automatically assign the candidate a Username and Password.
  • You can advise the candidate of these details over the phone and via email (if they have an email address)
    • If they do have an email address, click the button 'Email Details to Candidate'. It is a good idea to do this, even if you have advised them by phone, as they will have a record of their log on details on their email account.
      • Do not click 'Email Details to Candidate' before clicking 'Create Log On' - You must click 'Create Log On' first. If a candidate has no log on details and you click the 'Email Details to Candidate' button, it will email them false log on details!
  • Once this button is clicked, a note to this effect will appear in the candidate's record Notes section.
  • Click 'Back to Record'

Changing Candidate Password via Candidate Portal

If they choose to, the candidate can change their password on their profile if they do not want to keep the automatically generated password. They need to log on using the automatically generated username and password from ROL and click the link 'Change Password' under Other Tools.