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For customers using both RecruitOnline & PinvoiceR the process of onboarding a new client (for payroll purposes) so that the record, billing location and charge rates are created in in PinvoiceR is straightforward.

How to Use

Creating and Editing Billing Locations in PinvoiceR

From the Client's record, click on the Tools Tab and select PinvoiceR Export.

ROL PinvoiceR Client Onboarding.PNG

From here you have a form to filling to create both the client and the client billing location in PinvoiceR.

PinvoiceR New Billing Location.png

In addition to creating the billing location in PinvoiceR a location needs to be assigned 1 (or more divisions, WIC Rate and WIC Code) - these are more specific to the way that PinvoiceR works so speak to PinvoiceR for clarification.

It is also possible to have multiple billing locations, once the first location has been added - click the NEW to do this.

Exporting Rate Schedules to PinvoiceR

Once a client and billing location has been created in PinvoiceR it is then possible to export Rate Schedules for that Client.

To do this, from the client click on the Casual Management Tab and then select the Rates Calculator link. From here click on the Export Rates to PinvoiceR button.

ROL Export Rates to PinvoiceR.png

Then just select the rate schedule you wish to export (noting that the ones that have been exported cannot be exported again - if they need to be changed you would do this in PinvoiceR) then click the Next >> button.

PinvoiceR Export Rates.png

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