Client Portal Logon Password Guidelines

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Create the Logon details:

  • Go to the Client record in ROL
  • Click on the Contact name of who you want to create the logon for
  • Click the 'Edit Logon' on the right-hand side
  • Enter the 'Username' as their email address
    • Username: Wherever possible use the full email address of the client as there username; e.g.
  • Enter a Password
    • Password: Must be at least 8 characters in length and must contain letters and numbers (don't use something like 'Password1'!!!)
  • If you want to email the logon details to the client at the same time, click 'Yes' next to the "Email details to Contact:"
  • Click "Save Logon Details" to finish

The Client Portal contains confidential information which we must take reasonable steps to protect.

At an absolute minimum "reasonable steps" means a professional approach to username and password policy (as determined by your organisation).

Note: If a client logs into the Client Portal and they are on a users' Contact List in ROL, that user will receive an email advising that their client has logged on to the Client Portal.

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