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From time to time, a candidate may apply online a number of times without using their existing username and password, which means they complete the online application form again and when submitted, it creates a duplicate record on the system and yet another username and password. Additionally, if a user is creating a new candidate manually, it is important to do a candidate search prior to creating the record to ensure it's not duplicated. Therefore, it is not uncommon to find numerous records for a particular candidate. If you do find a candidate has more than one record in ROL then it is advisable to combine their records.

The process itself is reasonably straight forward. However, it is essential that you identify which is the correct record to keep and the which record/s are to be merged into the 'kept' record, because once it is merged, it cannot be reversed!!!


The merge process will merge all notes, application histories, 
resumes, keywords, but it will not merge the following:
* address information
* candidate status
* registered with
* interviewed
It will keep the above information from the record that you select to merge into only.

How to combine a candidate's record

  • If you suspect that a record has one or more duplicates, search for the candidate's record/s.
  • Review the results, especially looking at items such as recent notes (eg the most recent the note - potentially, the more current information) or the most recent application, the similarity of the addresses, phone numbers etc.
  • From reviewing the duplicated candidates, determine which one of the records is the best one to keep - ensuring you have the right one because once you proceed, this cannot be undone.
  • Top toolbar -> 'Other' -> 'Advanced'
  • Select 'System Administration' tab, then scroll down to Combine Candidates Records.
  • Enter the info to search (either Last Name, First Name or Email) for the candidate, then click on the 'Search for Candidate' button.

Combine Candidates 4.png

  • From the results, select the record that you want to keep from the 'Keep' column. Ideally, this is the record where the ROL username is an email address, as it is much easier for a candidate to remember their username if it is their email address.
  • Next, carefully select the record/s you wish to combine from the 'Merge' column. Remember, once merged, this cannot be reversed!
  • Click 'Merge Records'.

Combine Candidates 5.png

PLEASE NOTE: If you are merging into a record without some details which the other records contain (eg one record may contain a mobile number which does not appear on the record you are going to merge into), then you should take note or copy this data so that you can enter it into the newly merged record manually, otherwise you will not be able to get this data back.

  • Once merged, a confirmation of the merge will show, with a link to the newly merged record.

Candidate log in details may require re-setting after merging:

Please also be aware, if you merged into a record where the candidate has applied for many positions and created multiple usernames and passwords with these records, it is advisable to reset the candidate's username & password and send them a confirmation email with their new username and password. The candidate may be using login details that are now invalid due to the merge of these records, hence they will not be able to log in using those details any longer.

For information on how to allocate log-in details for a candidate, see Assign Candidate Login Details.

Duplicate Candidates Report

To make things a little easier, we have provided a report for Duplicate Candidates which is located:

  • Top toolbar -> Other -> Reports

This report shows all of the duplicate records on the system for those that share the same email address.

Users can view this report and click through each record, which will bring them to the 'Combine Candidate Records' page (as per instructions above) to merge the duplicated records together.

Why can't I merge 2 identical candidates?

The system will not allow you to merge candidates with ID numbers that have been exported to PinvoiceR. For assistance with this please contact support.

Contact Support