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From time to time, a company record may be duplicated on the ROL system. Occasionally when entering company details onto the system, if the user does not check that the company might already exist on the system prior to creating another record, then a duplicate record will be created.

So it is not uncommon that you could find more than one record for a particular company. If you find a company has more than one record in ROL then it would be advisable to combine their records.

The process is reasonably straight forward but it is essential that you choose the correct record to keep and the correct record/s to merge into the 'kept' record.

How to combine a company record

  • If you suspect that a record has 1 or more duplicates, search for the company record/s.
  • Review the results, especially looking at items such as recent notes (eg the most recent the note - potentially, the more current information) or the most recent jobs, the similarity of the addresses, phone numbers etc.
  • From reviewing the duplicated records, determine which of the records is the best one to keep - ensuring you have the right one.
    • IMPORTANT - the merge process will merge all notes, jobs, documents, keywords, but it will not merge the address information - it will keep this information from the record that you select to merge into only.
  • In the Tools menu, click on the Admin link, then under 'SYSTEMS ADMINISTRATION::', click the 'Combine Company Records' link.
  • Put in the name of the company you wish to combine and click on the Search button
  • When the results come up, select the record that you want to keep from the 'green' column
  • Next, select the record/s you wish to combine from the 'red' column. Then click 'Merge Records'.
    • If you are merging into a record without some details which the other records contain (eg one record may contain a fax number which does not appear on the record you are going to merge into), then you should take note or copy this data so that you can enter it into the 'newly merged' record, otherwise you will not be able to get that data back.
  • Once merged, a confirmation of the merge will show, with a link to the newly merged record.

If you merged records where the same contact person had been entered into both records, you will find that in your newly merged record, you will have duplicated contact's details. It is advisable to delete the appropriate one so that there are not duplicates of contact details in the one record.