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You must have a Rates Schedule entered onto the Client's record first (see Company: Add Rates Schedule) prior to inserting a temp booking/order into the system.

Add Booking

In the Company record, click the 'Casual Management' option from the left-hand navigation menu and select 'Add Booking'

ROL Add Booking.png

  • Select the job charge details to use for the temp order from the list on the screen
    • Note: You can only add a temp order to a Rates Schedule which is marked as 'Active' or 'Quote'. You cannot place a temp order onto a Rates Schedule which is a 'Calculation' or 'Archive'.

In the next screen, enter the details:

    • Start Date
    • Finish Date (if known)
    • Client Dept
    • Report To (select existing contact or click the Add Contact button)
    • Shift
    • Start Time
    • Finish Time
    • Quantity (from 1 to 30)

Once complete, click the Add New Bookings button.

ROL Add New Booking.png

  • Once added you'll automatically go to view 'Temp: Open Order Report' on the Company record, or 'Casual/Temps' option in the left-hand navigation panel-> 'Open Bookings' to see the order on the system (see Temp Orders: View & Edit)

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