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Many clients operate in sectors where each booking is specifically for a single shift/day only. Good examples of this are clients in the Hospitality and Healthcare sectors.

The Daily Booking System (DBS Booking) is specifically used for clients needing single shift type booking arrangements.

How to Use

You can add a Daily Booking in three ways;

  • 1. From the Bookings screen - click on the + button.
  • 2. From a client click on the Orange Person Icon in the client toolbar
  • 3. From a client record click on the Casual Management and Add DBS Booking links

With any of these options you get the Add Daily Bookings form and here you enter;

  • Date
  • Shift Start Time
  • Shift Finish Time
  • End Client (Optional - this field can be used to note a patient's name - this can then flow through to PinvoiceR to be used on the invoice to the client)
  • Job Group - A specific Group of Jobs that have been configured for your agency's use of the DBS System
  • Assigned to - optional - consultant that this booking is assigned to
  • Report to - optional - an existing contact at the company (note you will need to add a contact if they do not appear in the drop down list)
  • Ordered By - optional - free text and will show previous entries
  • Department - optional - free text and will show previous entries
  • Site - optional - will show previously entered Sites
  • PON - optional - purchase order number. Info entered flows through to PinvoiceR
  • Booking Comments - optional - used in ROL to see other info related to the booking
  • Payroll Comments - optional - comments entered here flow through to PinvoiceR
  • Quantity - select the number of people needed

If you want to add a number of DBS Bookings for a few different days/Job Groups etc - click the Add Booking button. This will duplicate info entered above and allow you to change as you need - eg alter days, start times etc.

If you wish to remove a booking that you duplicated (ie before submitting the bookings) then click the Remove Booking button (note - will only appear when you have clicked the Add Booking button above.

When you are happy with the data entered - click the Submit Bookings button to Add the DBS Bookings.

ROL Add Daily Bookings.png

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