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Rates Schedules are used to store the pay and charge information used for Temporary/On-Hire Staff and then form the basis of Bookings (Normal & Daily).

You can Add a Rates Schedule in one of three ways;

  • 1. Use the Charge Rate Calculator function
  • 2. Add a Rates Schedule Manually
  • 3. Import Global Rates from PinvoiceR

How to use

In the Company record, click on the 'Casual Management' option from the left-hand navigation menu and select 'Add Rates Schedule'

  • Select the Add Rates Schedule button.

Then complete the Add New Rates Schedule form;

  • Select Default Assigned to (this is the ROL user that this Client's Charge Rate is assigned to - eg BDM User)
  • Select the Division from the drop-down menu
  • Enter the Job name in the field 'Job Title' (Do not enter symbols or other characters like *, /, (, ) etc. Only alphabetical & numerical characters are allowed)
  • Enter Pay Rate
  • Enter Charge Amount
  • Enter Purchase Order Number - optional
  • Enter Timesheets Collected By - optional
  • Select Job Profile - optional
  • Select Timesheet Supervisor Approver - optional and for use with PinvoiceR online timesheets only
  • Select Timesheet Manager Approver - optional and for use with PinvoiceR online timesheets only

Click the Add New Rates Schedule button.

ROL Add Rates Schedule.png

  • It will automatically take you back to the 'Active' Rates Schedules screen. Click on the name of the Rates Schedule just created.
  • This is where you can enter additional pay & charge items (eg Time & Half, Double Time & Double Time & Half) and click Add New Row button each time to save changes.
  • You can also set a default Client Code (PinoiceR Billing Location) to use when making bookings from the Rates Schedule.
  • You can also set the relevant WHS Info for bookings made from this Rates Schedule.

ROL Edit Rates Schedule.png

  • Once completed, this Rates Schedule will appear under the 'Active' list. You may like to change the status to 'Calculation' or 'Quote' if required.

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