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ROL gives you the option to link a note to both a Company record and a Candidate record. Therefore if you are inserting a note into a company record and it is also pertaining to candidate, link the note to the candidate and it will automatically enter the note into the Candidate record as well.

However, there are some guidelines.

  • In order to add a Recruiter Note, the candidate must have applied for a job which is still currently 'Open' in Recruiter.
  • Candidates who have applied for Recruiter jobs which are Closed will not appear.

To add the Note:

  • Click on 'Notes' from the left-hand navigation menu in the Company record and select 'Add Recruiter Note'

Recruiter note 1.png

  • Enter the note details and select the note type
  • Select the name of the candidate(s) on the left of which you wish to copy the note to
  • Click the button 'Save Note' to complete

Recruiter note 2.png

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