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The Charge Rate Calculator in RecruitOnline is used as a simple method to;

  • Calculate charge rates based on on-cost factors determined by the agency
  • Have a rates approval process (ie only certain people can approve rates)
  • Create quote documentation that can be sent to a client (with signature panel if secured signing is integrated)

How to Use

In ROL go to the client that you wish to create a Rates Calculation for. In the client toolbar click on the Casual Management and Rates Calculator links. Then click the + Add New Rates Calculation button.

ROL Rates Calculator.png

From here you are presented with a form that lets you put in the pay details and select other information used in creating the Rates Calculation;

  • Job Title = Free Text for you to name the Job eg Nurse Level 1
  • Pay Rate = here enter the actual pay rate - eg if the casual rate (inclusive of loading) is $28.00 - enter that full rate
  • WIC State/Code = this is used to determine the Workcover rate and state to use in the Rate Calculation
  • Award Code = (for Australian Customers only) this is used to track which Award you are using - note is only for tracking awards and does not relate to any specific pay information that might be involved with that award
  • Afternoon Shift = If you you wish to calculate an afternoon shift loading (based on the normal pay rate) then enter a percentage here eg 15 = 15%
  • Night Shift = If you you wish to calculate a night shift loading (based on the normal pay rate) then enter a percentage here eg 30 = 30%
  • Superannuation Rate = applies the relevant level of Superannuation to the normal and shift rate calculations
  • Division = assign a division to the Rate Calculation

Click the Create New Rates Calculation button.

ROL Charge Rates Calculation.png

Re-Calculate On Margin

By default when the Create New Rates Calculation button is clicked the Rates Calculator will use the information to create charge rates at a Gross Margin of 20%. Note - here Gross Margin is a percentage of the Charge Rate (eg charge rate of $100 @ 20% Gross Margin = $20 Gross Margin) and not a percentage mark up on costs.

If you wish to modify the calculation from the default 20% then change the relevant percentage figures in the Margin % column and click the Re-Calculate On Margin button.

Re-Calculate On Gross Profit

If you wish to modify the calculation by adding a fixed Gross Margin $ amount then change the relevant percentage figures in the Gross Profit column and click the Re-Calculate On Gross Profit button.

Save Calculation & Modifying Rate Items

When you have modified the charge rates - click the Save Rates button to create a Rates Calculation. Note - all ROL users can create a rate calculation but only those who have been given Manager User Status can change a calculation into a quote.

Once you have saved the calculation you will be returned to the Rate Calculation summary page for that client. Click on the Edit button for the calculation that you wish to edit. EG you may wish to add other info (such as Tool Allowance etc) or make further modifications;

ROL Edit Charge Rate Calculation.png

From here you can remove a Rate Schedule row by clicking the Delete button for that row. You can also alter the gross margin % or gross margin $ amount for a row and clicking the relevant Save % or Save $ button.

You can also add a new row to the schedule - eg Tool Allowance - by scrolling down to that section of the page entering the pay rate, select whether superannuation is applicable (or not) & choose the margin - then click the + Add button

ROL Edit Charge Rate Calculator Schedule.png

Change Calculation into a Quote & Send to Client

To change a calculation into a quote, from the Edit Charge Rate Schedule screen click on the Change Rates Scdeule Status button. Note you can only do this if your logon has Manager permissions.

Change the Status to Quote and click the Save Status button. Then click the <<Back to Rates Schedule button.

ROL Approve a Quote.png

From here you are then shown a summary of the charge rates schedule. You can do the following;

  • Click the Download PDF button to download a pdf copy of the rates that are automatically stored against the client record in ROL. You can use this to sent a quote of the quote (along with your terms of business) to the client.
  • Click the Copy Charge button to create a copy of the Rates Schedule.
  • If you have a Secured Signing integration - click the Smarttag button to send the PDF quote to your client for them to sign an automatically return.

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