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To change/edit the client/company information, such as address details, phone numbers, etc:

  • Whilst in a Company record, click the 'Edit Company' link from the Tools section on the Company Menu bar
  • Edit the details as needed on the screen
  • 'Save Changes' to complete

Google Map Reference

You can store the Google Map reference against both a company record and also a Company Site record.

Get the Google Map link for the address from Google Maps and then copy it into the relevant field in ROL (Tools> Edit Company or Tools> Edit Site)

Google maps.png

Company Record Status

You have the option of setting a record status for Company records in ROL. This allows for a simple method of excluding company records from searches while retaining them in the database. To change the status for a company click on Tools>Edit Company and set the status to Archive or Active.

Note - all "Archived" companies are automatically excluded from the omnibox search but it is an option for company searches;

Co status.png