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The Notes screen shows any notes which have been added to the company or contact record.


Add a Note

Add a note for the Company via the left-hand menu:


If you are in a Contact record within a Company screen, you can add a note for the Contact via the left-hand menu:

Contact Note.png


Site Notes

'Site Info' are notes which have been added to the Company record and are specific to the company's site information.

Any note which has been added with the 'Note Type' of "Site Information" will appear here.

Site Note 1.png

Add a Site Note

These notes are added through the Company: Add Company Note button, then choose the 'Site Information' note type from the drop-down menu.

Site Note 2.png

Notes & Site Notes

Edit or Delete a Note

  • Click on the 'Edit / Del Note' link underneath the note that is to be edited or deleted

Delete note.png

  • Edit:
    • Make your changes to the note text
    • Click 'Save Changes' to save
  • Delete:
    • Click the 'Delete Note' button to remove the note (once deleted, this cannot be reversed!)

Delete edit note.png

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