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Sites are locations of work to be performed. Eg: Building sites or events.

It is not recommended to use this feature for branches. Branches should have their own Company records and be linked to the head office

Manage Sites

On the company menu:

{Company Record} -> Tools -> Sites

You can set all of the address info (and Google Map reference needed) - also can add in a specific client code (ie PinvoiceR billing location) for that site. If it is set here then that is the code that is used when adding a booking/order.

Client Codes on Sites.png

Linking Bookings

  • Upon adding a new booking select the site name
  • When editing a booking select the site name in the 2nd tab named "Job & Division" (select N/A to remove the link)

Why doesn't the sites menu show?

  • If there are no sites against a company record then the menu is not shown
  • You need one or more sites against a company record to use this feature.

Advising Staff of Work Sites

If a site is linked to a booking then the (optional) email notification to staff will show the site address. If the site is not linked it will show the record's address.

Important Information

Make sure you are aware of how sites work before you use them in production.

User error can lead to directing staff to the wrong locations.