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The WHS Info feature in RecruitOnline is used to store WHS/OHS job & site information against a Company Record. The information stored is then available for use in producing documents with the DocMerge feature.


Each WHS Info is stored against a specific client in ROL. To add a WHS Info record - go to the company record and then click on Casual Management > WHS Info.

To Add a new WHS Info for the client - click on the + Add WHS Info button

Whs info.png

Enter the relevant information in each section - noting that you can use the sections how you like when constructing your DocMerge template - ie if you have a field of information that is not in the list then use the fields how you want (to both store the information and to display it on a merged document).

Whs info2.png

Assigning a WHS Info

To use a WHS Info to in a booking template document (DocMerge) it needs to be assigned against the Rates Schedule in the Company record.

To do this select Casual Management > View Rates Schedule > Select the Rate You want to edit - then select the relevant WHS Info from the dro down list and assign it to the Rates Schedule.

Whs info3.png

WHS Info Report

To access a report showing rates schedules and WHS Info assigned click in the top Tool Bar > Other > Reports > WHS Report.

This will show all active rate schedules/charges (ie Active only and not other statuses) and if they have a WHS Profile assigned or not. It shows "N/A" if not assigned and the WHS Job Title if it is assigned.

Whs info4.png

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