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How to Search

  • Click on Search from the top menu and then select the appropriate option from the dropdown list.

Search 1.png

  • Enter the search criteria to search for a Company, Contact or Candidate.

Search company 1.png

Search contact1.png

Search candidate1.png

  • Results appear in alphabetical order by Last Name for Contacts & Candidates, or by Company Name for Company search.
  • Click on the Name in the list to view the record.
  • Users can customise their result list view using the 'Edit Report Columns' button at the bottom of the page.

The search box is customised to search for records within the users' specified Country. To search for records (company, contact or candidate) outside of your default Country, ensure you select the 'Any' button prior to clicking the button.

Search Results List

Users can also do the following with the list of results:

Previous Results List [-]

This is not in Version 4

Once you have done a search for a Company, Contact or Candidate, a small [-] will appear next to the 'Company', 'Contacts' or 'Candidates' links on the top toolbar.

Click the button [-] to view the last search results you've done for a company, contact or candidate.

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