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This only applies if your ROL installation includes the Client Interface

In order to provide your Clients with access to the Client Interface, the Contact/s within the Company should be allocated with log on details.

  • Whilst in the Client record, click on the Contact person to allocate a log on for
  • On the right-side menu, click "Contacts" -> then click "Edit Logon"
  • Enter a user name for the Contact (eg using their email address as their user name makes this easier for the client to remember. If they have a very long email address you could use their 'firstname'.'lastname' instead)
  • Enter a password for the Contact
  • Choose whether you want to email the details to the Contact or not
  • Click the 'Save Logon Details' button to save the details (this will also send an email to the Contact, if you chose to)

Secondary Logon Details

A log on for another company's details can also be allocated to a Contact within a different Company. For example, Joe Briggs may be the Manager of ABC Company, but he is also a Partner in 123 Inc. He can be allocated a log on for 123 Inc whilst in the record of ABC Company.

This can only be done if they also already have been allocated a log on for the other company. If required, allocate their log on within the other company first before proceeding.

Add secondary logon:

  • Click the 'Add Secondary Logon Details' button whilst in the 'Edit Logon' screen
  • In the next screen, search for the secondary company details
  • Click the company name in the search results list
  • Choose the contact in the list and click 'Add Selected'