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In some cases there is a need to change either the pay or charge rates at the point of booking in a temp and the actual rates that are going to be paid or charged are really only determined at that point. The Custom Rates function in ROL allows for a single base pay and charge rate that is then edited by the user to alter the specific pay and charge rate for that order.

Note: Custom Rates only work with the PinvoiceR Export Orders function and so not work with the legacy Hours Editor function in ROL.

How to use

In order to use the Custom Rates feature you will need to have at least one Rates Schedule set up for your client. You also follow the same fill booking process that is used in ROL to place a person into a booking/order.

From the Order View screen click on the drop down box and select the Custom Pay / Charge Rates option.

Custom rates.png

From here you are shown a screen with the current pay & charge rates for each of the pay code items on that Rates Schedule. To add in a custom rate for that order you need to enter the pay and charge rates you wish to alter for that specific order and then change the drop down box from No to Yes. Then Click the Save Custom Rates button.

Edit custom-rates.png

Once they have been edited you will get a confirmation of the changes on the screen.

Edited rates.png

If you want to revert to the original pay charge rates - change the drop down box from Yes to No.

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