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The DBS (Daily Booking System) is a tool for managing short term assignments, typically of a day by day nature.

These sort of assignments are common in the Health Care sectors, Hospitality and "just in time" manufacturing. The issues facing recruiters involve managing those orders yet to start and those to be completed. Even a modest casual pool of 20 staff members could trigger 500 administrative events in a few weeks of operation.

How to use

From the client record in ROL click either on Casual Management > Add DBS Booking links or click on the Add DBS Order icon (see below)

RecruitOnline Add DBS Order.png

From here choose the division you wish to add the DBS order for and click the Select button.

Then you are presented with the DBS Order Form to complete;

RecruitOnline Add DBS Order Form.png

Fields to enter;

  • Date - the date for the booking
  • Shift Start - the start time for the booking
  • Shift Finish - the finish time for the booking
  • End Client - this field is used by may health care clients who need to track who the staff member is caring for (optional)
  • Job Group - this is the job type for the order (a pre-defined list of job types) (optional)
  • Assigned To - the ROL User that the job is assigned to (optional)
  • Report To - the Client Contact that the person needs to report to (optional)
  • Ordered By - the client name of the person who ordered the booking (optional and if different to the Report To name
  • Department - the client's department name (optional)
  • Site - the client site (optional)
  • PON - Purchase Order Number (optional)
  • Payroll Comments - Information that you want your payroll department to know about the booking (optional)
  • Quantity - number of people needed

To create multiple bookings in this page - once you have entered the information you need you can easily copy down the booking for another day/type click on the Add Booking button.

When you have added all of the information/bookings you need click on the Submit Bookings button.

Automatic Closing of DBS Orders

The Recruit Online system will run a scheduled task each night that updates the orders for that day by closing them off.

Does the DBS system mark orders as "In Progress"

  • No

This feature ensures that, should the user wish to check their staff in, there is a list of staff in the "Open - Filled" section.


  • The automatic process only works on the date that it is run, this means that if there are orders entered with start dates in the past then they will not be picked up and updated.
    • If there has been an order entered in the past or a corruption in the order itself the user can do one of two things:
      • Manually edit the order and give it the appropriate status
      • Refer to the "Update DBS Orders" in the admin section

Adding Payroll Comments & Purchase Order Numbers to DBS Bookings

If you didn't do it when you added the booking, should you need to add either a Payroll Comment (these flow through to PinvoiceR) or a Purchase Order number (also flows through to PinvoiceR) for a DBS booking then after filling the order simply click on the job name to open up the order information.

Edit DBS order.png

From there enter the PO and/or the Payroll Comment in their relevant fields and click Save Changes.

Edit Daily Booking.png

Once a Payroll Comment has been added it will show in the DBS Report - making it easy to see which DBS orders have comments.

DBS payroll comment.png