Editing Invoices

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CAUTION: By changing invoice data you will change the way the invoice is taken up on reporting and exports. 
If you have exported the invoice to other external applications then this will lead to different data being contained in each system. 
RecruitOnline does not support fixing data errors caused by changes being made to invoices. 
We recommend that great care is taken when editing invoices and avoid editing invoices that have already been taken up in other systems 
unless a corresponding change is undertaken.

Edit an Invoice

This function can not alter any of the transaction rows linked to an invoice; it can only alter the following header details on an invoice:

  • Period Start
  • Period End
  • Tax Year
  • Tax Period
  • Invoice Type
  • Order Number
  • Custom Date

Delete an Invoice

CAUTION: Deleting an invoice can NOT be reversed.

Deleting an invoice may be required when an invoice was approved in error. If there are transaction rows that require editing, these should be done separately through Editing Open Transactions -- but only once the invoice has been deleted, as transaction rows cannot be edited once the invoice has been approved/created. Invoice transactions CANNOT be unapproved/deleted in part; it is ALL or NONE.

During the deletion process, this un-approves ALL transaction items against the invoice, making them available for re-approval:

  • All transaction rows invoice_status changes from "CLOSED" back to "OPEN"
  • All transaction rows invoice_id changes back to "0"
  • All transaction rows invoice_group changes back to "DEFAULT"
  • The invoice is deleted from the database