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Files can be attached to emails sent through ROL for Contacts and Candidates.

These are:

  • Optional: Attach Documents
    • These are any document/files attached to the records' "Documents" page will show up here

  • Optional: Attach Standard Documents
    • These are any document/files uploaded into "Standard_Docs" in FileManager

  • Optional: Attach Candidate Documents - used for Contacts only
    • These are any candidates' Resume documents/files that have been uploaded to a candidates' record where:
      • The candidate has applied to a Current / Open job for that Contacts' company (ie if the Job is "Closed", they will not appear)
      • The candidate's application status is either "Applied - Open" or "Successful" (they will not appear if they have been marked "Unsuccessful")
      • The candidate's application screen status must be set to one of the following:
        • 'A - Placed'
        • 'B - Interview Client'
        • 'C - Referred Client'

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