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Leave Accrual - setup

  • In the Pay Code details on payROL, click on the hours item to edit it.
  • Enter the Leave Accrual percentage (in decimal) into the item row which is used to accrue the leave type (for the below example, "Normal Hours" is the item that accrues the annual leave, sick leave & rdo)

Therefore, any employee paid on Normal Hours will accrue the given percentage of leave for each "Normal Hours" transaction.

Leave 1.png

Leave Taken - accrue leave - setup

  • In the Pay Code details on payROL, click the "Add Pay Code Item" button
  • Depending on the type of leave it is, select the name from the drop-down box (if the type of leave you need does not appear here, please Contact Recruit Online Support)
  • In the example below, we are adding an 'Annual Leave Taken' item to the existing Pay Code information.
  • Enter the pay rate and charge rate
    • In this case, paying an employee a portion of their annual leave actually accrues more leave when paid. Therefore, we need to enter the percentage (in decimal format) to accrue leave at the same time. This will be different in all cases and is dependent on the type of leave.

Leave 2.png

Leave Taken - do not accrue leave - setup

  • Additional to the above "Leave Taken" setup, there will be cases where an employee is to be paid leave but should not accrue more leave in the process. We don't want to accrue more leave on this amount whilst it is being paid.
  • This requires a set up for another item type - ie 'Annual Leave Taken on Termination' - if this does not appear in the drop-down list please Contact Recruit Online Support
  • In this case, we would do the same steps as the above (except the item name would be 'Annual Leave Taken on Termination') and there would not be any percentage (in decimal format) in the leave rate fields as we do not need to accrue leave on a termination payment.

Leave Report

If an employee has accrued or taken any leave, it will be recorded on the employees record under the "Leave" button

Leave 3.png

Technical Notes

Employee Leave