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This section of the Control Panel shows a list of candidate applications made to the users' Recruiter job/s, which still have a Recruiter screen status of 'Applied - Open' and the Recruiter job has been Closed without advising the candidate of the outcome of their application.

This would happen if:

  • The user closed the job (via Recruiter: Close Job) and they did not click the check-box to 'Auto Notify Candidates' upon closing the job


  • The user closed the job without sending unsuccessful emails/letters (via Recruiter: Send Unsuccessful) to the applicants before closing the job.

If this was the case, any applicants who have not yet been advised via phone call, email or letter will appear on this list.


  • Click the 'Candidate Name' link to go directly to the candidates' record in ROL
  • Click the 'Job' name link to go directly to the recruiter job in ROL

The '# Days:' column shows how many days have passed since the application was made. The oldest appear at the top, so as to prompt the user to action these as a matter of priority over others.