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The hours editor within ROL allows users to enter payroll hours against bookings and export to PinvoiceR. This method is a quicker way of adding transactions (pays) into PinvoiceR manually.

ROL -> "Tools" -> 'Enter Hours'

Hrs edit.png

Any hours entered into the fields on this report and exported into PinvoiceR will create a transaction row. Please be aware, if you have a candidate with more than one booking for the same week ending date on ROL, to ensure the correct hours are entered onto the correct booking as this may cause duplicated transaction rows due to user error.

Daily Hours Entry

In some cases you may need to issue invoices to your clients that have each day and the corresponding hours listed on the invoice. By default in ROL clients are set to Weekly Invoice Templates but if you need to change this for a client you do this by editing the client record. When you have selected the client then click on Tools> Edit Company > Change the Invoice Template from Weekly to Daily.

Invoice template.jpg

When selected for a client, the hours entry screen will look like the following for all orders placed against that client.

Weekly Hours.jpg

Error Messages

The pay code X does not have an item with the #ID of Y

The pay code #1133 does not have an item with the #ID of 49 in PinvoiceR. Temp Order Row ID: 20325 Hours Export Row ID: 37637

This is caused by a user undertaking the following steps:

  • The user sets up an order in the system
  • The user enters hours against that order
  • The user changes the Pay Code that is linked to the order
  • The user attempts to export the hours
  • The error is shown and processing of the export is stopped


The hours are captured on a weekly basis and are linked by the Booking #ID, Week Ending Date [Sunday] and the PinvoiceR Pay Code (eg: for "Normal Hours"). By changing the Pay Code against the Booking, the system can no longer relate the rows that have been previously entered against the new Pay Code because the PinvoiceR Pay Code has changed (and therefore the child Pay Code Item #IDs have also changed).

Best Practices

If an employee works two different jobs (with two different Pay Codes) then open two bookings for them. If the error is generated then mark the booking as "DE Error" and enter a new one with the correct parameters.

Whilst it is possible to change the Pay Code prior to entering hours each week this practice is not recommended or supported.

There are no boxes to enter hours into?


All of the information that is shown in the Hours Editor from a pay code item point of view (Normal hours, Time&Half, etc) come from PinvoiceR. If no hours entry boxes are shown then one of two issues need to be resolved:

  • The Charge Rates Schedule (ROL) needs to have a Pay Code ID# (PinvoiceR) against it
    • This is done when editing the Charge Rates Schedule or by exporting the Charge Rates Schedule
  • The Charge Rates Schedule (ROL) has a Pay Code ID# (PinvoiceR) against it but the Pay Code has no rows