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When onboarding a new RecruitOnline customer, we mention that one of the most important things regarding support is that within your business you should have key people who are the internal "go to" people to initially ask support type questions about RecruitOnline.

There are good reasons to do this first as while your business will have an allocated number of support hours available, it would be best to use them wisely and not on questions that may be easily answered within your business.

We would also suggest that any support tickets/questions are centralised within your business - ie avoid the same question being asked by multiple people in your business.

Ticketing System

If you are not able to resolve the question internally then the best way to get support it to use the RecruitOnline Support Ticket System as it is flagged with our help desk and can be monitored and tracked until it is resolved.

To Do this either use;

How Long Should it Take to Resolve a Support Issue?

Contact Details

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Australian Help Line

+61 7 5370 2066 - Australia

New Zealand Help Line

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