How do I place a Candidate to a job?

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  • Choose 'Place' from the drop down box on the Job's Applications screen.
  • Click on the 'Save Changes' button

Update Candidates 1.png

  • You must tick the highlighted box to the left of the candidate's name
  • Complete Guarantee 1, Guarantee 2, Guarantee 3 fields with dates as appropriate which will be set in the system as a Task.
  • Click on 'Place and Update Selected Candidate' button

Candidates Placed.png

  • The screen will revert back to the Candidate Screen and you will notice that the Status of the placed candidate/s is now 'Successful'.

Candidates Placed 2.png

Note: If the Status hasn't changed to 'Successful' click the save changes button again and ensure that the box next to the candidate's name has been ticked.