How do I put a job on ROL?

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Types of Job Orders

Before adding a job onto ROL there must be a Company (also referred to as a 'Client') to add the order against. If the Company is not on ROL, an order cannot be added. See how to add a Company onto ROL first: Add Company

Next, we need to understand the 3 different types of Job Orders that can be found in ROL:

Recruiter Job

A Recruiter job can be a temporary/casual, permanent or contract job. It is placed on ROL and the user has the ability to:

  • Advertise the job
  • Track candidate applications, those who are suitable and not suitable.
  • Advise candidates unsuccessful

Instructions for placing a Recruiter job on ROL can be found here: Company: Add Job

Temp Order

A Temp Order or Temp Booking is not a permanent job - it is a temp or casual ongoing booking assignment where a candidate can be placed at a Client for work. These orders are entered onto ROL when a temp order is received or when the temp order is filled.

Instructions for placing a Temp Order/Booking on ROL can be found here: Company: Add Booking

Daily Booking

Another type of temp order is a Daily Booking - this is mainly used by sectors with a high flow of temp movement - ie Health / Medical industry, where candidates work of the same shifts (AM, PM, Night) on different days.

ROL's Daily Booking System (DBS) makes this process much easier.


How do I move a job of mine to another user?

  • Edit the job and select a different user from the 'Consultant' list and 'Save Changes'.