How do I refer a Candidate to my Recruiter Job?

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First step is to add the Candidate onto ROL (see Add Candidate). You cannot refer a candidate to a job unless the candidate has been added to ROL.

Referring / Linking the Candidate to a Recruiter Job

Please Note: This is not the instructions for placing a Candidate in a Temp Job. This is for referring a candidate as an Applicant to a Recruiter Job.


  • Search for the Candidate you wish to apply to the job
  • In the candidate record on the right hand side of the screen click on "Apply job" a list of all Recruiter jobs is displayed
  • Click on the name of the job you wish to apply the candidate to
  • A confirmation screen listing the job and client you have applied to candidate to will be displayed - you can view details of either by clicking on them

When you look at the Candidates in the Job Screen, any that you have referred will have a status of 'Internal'

Candidate Internal.png