How do I set Candidate Availability?

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In many cases a key part of finding a candidate for a booking/shift is working out who is available. This article deals with some of the methods that can be used to set a candidate's availability.

Next Available Date

One method is to use a simple next available date for a candidate. To do this, go to the candidate record and on the Main tab set the next available date.

RecruitOnline set next available.png

There are also some quick set methods for updating a candidate and setting their availability. On their record, select;

  • Notes & Available Today to set that they are available today.
  • Notes & Available Tomorrow to set that they are available tomorrow.

Permanent Shift Availability

You can also set what shifts a candidate is available. For example a candidate may say that they are available for day shift on Monday to Friday and Afternoon Shift on Saturday's.

To set these as permanent shift availability, go to their record and click on Casual Management and the Shifts - Permanent links.

Select the relevant shifts that they are available for and then click the Save Availability button.

RecruitOnline Permanent Shift Availability.png

Candidates are also able to set their availability via the candidate portal.

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