How do I set the KPI points for Note types?

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There are activity types in the database which have a certain amount of 'points' allocated to them. When users add notes of these activity types to the system, they accumulate KPI points. These are then totalled & make up each users' KPI score results for the given timeframe (which is default-set to weekly, however users can customise their KPI reports) & can be viewed on the Consultant KPI Report.

KPI's & scoring can be switched on or off - as a default, it is switched on. If you would like to change your KPI settings, this can be done by Management through the Preferences feature in ROL.


As a default, the system works in this way: The 'Add Contact Note' action on a Companies' Contact record is used to calculate KPI scores for users. There are 5 activity types that are given a score, when a user adds a note to the system for one of these 5 activity types, they will accumulate the points which are associated to that activity. These points are then tallied up in the "Consultant KPI Report" (More -> Admin -> Consultant KPI Report).

Currently, the 5 Company activity types below are the actions that accept KPI scores and these scores are set to the following default values:

Adding a Note for: Score of Activity:
Sales Visit 5
Client Visit 4
Sales Call 3
Outgoing Call 2
Contact Admin Note 1

For users to reach their KPI's, they must accumulate a certain amount of points for the week. This is defaulted at a score of 100 points but this can also be changed under the user Preferences screen in ROL by Management.


Management have access to alter the following:

  • You can choose which activities (and which records - Company, Contact and Candidate) you would like to use to update KPI points (eg You may choose to use the 'Reference Check' note when added on a Candidate record to trigger points for KPI's)
  • You can choose which score to give each activity type when added to the system (eg You may chose to make 'Sales Call' notes a score of 10 points instead of 3)
  • You choose how many points each user needs to obtain on a weekly basis to achieve their KPI's. (As a default, this is set to 100)

Customise your ROL KPI settings through the Activity Types editor.

Alter your User's KPI settings through the Preferences screen.